Student Representative Council 2023

What is Student Representative Council (SRC)?

SRC are the eyes and ears of the school

Student duties as a representative include: -

Why become a student representative?

How do I become an SRC representative?

To become a member of the SRC students will need to nominate themselves within their own class. Many classes have their nominees prepare a speech to be presented in front of their own class members. This speech usually consists of the nominee presenting their argument as to why they would make a great SRC representative for their class. This often includes the skills they bring to the role and why they want the role. After all the speeches have occurred then all of the class members vote for their preferred student to represent their class at SRC meetings. If there is more than one applicant then the principal and teachers will look at their applications and decide.

What is expected of students?

All students have an opportunity to forward an application for SRC and to show they have what it takes. Students are reminded that they are the role models for others in the school and need to show the school values at all time. Students are guided by a teacher to be the best they can be and take ownership of projects within the school. Everyone has a voice and everyone is heard and all ideas are welcome.

What is SRC Executive ?

SRC Executive is a group of older students from years 5 and 6 who meet fortnightly. They are the action group for SRC. These students work hard to implement SRC decisions. Students type up minutes of meetings, organise and run events (which may include making phone calls, emailing, presenting at assemblies, and designing posters), and any other functions that ensure SRC runs effectively

How to become a member of the SRC Executive

Becoming an SRC Executive member requires that a student has been successfully chosen as either a class SRC rep or proxy (the reserve if the rep is away). Students will then need to submit an application to the School Counsellor, putting forward their arguments as to why they would be an excellent member of the SRC Executive. This can be completed in written form, or an interview with the School Counsellor can be negotiated. If the application / interview is successful then the student will be a part of the SRC Executive, and involved in all SRC meetings as well as the SRC Executive meetings.