PE at Para Hills West Primary School is all about being active and having fun, while catering to unique student needs. 

Our program offers a wide range of sports and activities to keep students engaged and healthy, with options for different skill levels. 

Instilling values such as teamwork, respect and resilience are important aspects in creating a supportive and inclusive sporting environment. 

Our committed PE teacher provides guidance and support to enable students to develop their physical skills to ensure every student can thrive and enjoy physical education from foundation and beyond.

SAPSASA at Para Hills West Primary School

Para Hills West Primary School has a strong history of participation and excellence in the South Australian Primary Schools Amateur Sports Association (SAPSASA) competitions.

SAPSASA run a series of District Competitions and State Championships, for which the school nominates individuals and teams to compete. In our district, this can lead to state and interstate representation for successful students.

All competitions are run under the Association’s strict Codes of Behaviour and all students from Para Hills West Primary School are expected to reflect our school values at all times.

These are

Respect      Integrity      Belonging     Achievement

SAPSASA provides

SAPSASA Carnivals

SAPSASA carnivals are a whole day event and are either round robin tournaments e.g. netball, or individual events e.g. athletics.

Carnival sports include:

SAPSASA Code of Conduct

SAPSASA has Codes of Behaviour for coaches, parents, players and spectators. By completing these forms, parents acknowledge they have read the SAPSASA Participation Policy and agree to the conditions set within.

Please refer to the SAPSASA website and the school website for conduct and grievance procedures.

SAPSASA Selection

Para Hills West Primary School prides itself on its consistent and transparent selection processes. Our selection process is clear, explicit and is underpinned by fairness and opportunity for all.

We believe in maximising the number of children involved in sporting programs and that selection will be based on: