Nut Awareness

Nut-Aware Policy

Following medical advice, and in consultation with the Governing Council and staff, we introduced a Nut-Aware School policy in 2004. We were not alone in making this decision. Many other schools in South Australia are also ‘Nut-Aware’ schools.


The policy was implemented because a number of students at Para Hills West Primary School have a severe peanut/nut allergy. These students cannot be exposed to nuts in ANY form as this will trigger and anaphylactic reaction. Anaphylaxis is a severe form of allergic reaction and can be potentially life threatening. Anaphylaxis is preventable. Avoidance of specific triggers is by far the best option. Treatment is an injection of adrenaline and emergency transfer to hospital.
It is our aim to provide a safe learning environment for ALL people in our community.

Which foods are banned?

The following foods are NOT permitted at school:

This nut-aware school policy applies to those ingredients SPECIFICALLY LISTED on the product label. However, many products have this wording listed on their package; “may contain traces of nuts”. The school acknowledges that it is not practical to ban all these foods.

Your Role

Parents/caregivers are asked to support the school’s Nut-Aware policy by:


This policy is promoted by